Why him and why now?
Posted by Tracy

Kermit Gosnell is in the dock for serious violence against his patients.  Other doctors are telling the court how they do not treat their patients this way.  One fellow abortionist testified that he does abortions up to 21 weeks and that after that he does it in the hospital.

Gosnell, on the other hand, is accused of bringing the women into labour so that the babies would be born alive; he then killed them by cutting the spinal cord with scissors.

Gosnell is probably the first to admit that, yes, he did these things but he may well not see that they were wrong.   After all, for the past so many years, this has been happening to many women and babies, usually on the strength of bending the language and making false promises of returning women to their pre-pregnant state.  Clearly all lies and half truths.

So I think that Gosnell, guilty or not as charged, is acting as scapegoat for all of us.  After all, who can truly say they did not know what was happening?  Who can truly say they tried to change it?  Who can say they truly tried to get the truth out there every day in every way they could think of?  If we are honest, only very small children and some sick people can claim not to know about abortion.

When Gosnell is led away to the punishment that will be handed down to him, the rest of us will be free to carry on regardless.


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