Why don’t they want to see?
Posted by Catherine

One thing that strikes me about people who provide abortion and those that advocate for or support it is that they don’t want to see or talk about what it actually involves.  They don’t want to see pictures, ultra-sounds or models.  Why is that?  If abortion is just the removal of tissue, the products of conception, if it is and must be a woman’s free choice, why wouldn’t they want to honestly face what is involved?  What are they afraid of? That is not a leading question – it is a sincere one.  What, if anything, are they afraid of?

If people say that abortion is a woman’s right but then refuse to look straight on at what that right involves, that to me is intellectual dishonesty.  Pretending that abortion does not involve the death of a human being is intellectual dishonesty.  If someone admits that, yes, it is a violent procedure in which a developing human baby will lose its life but it is being done for some greater perceived good, that at least is honest.  We don’t hear much about that, though.

And that’s the problem with abortion.  Perfectly ordinary, decent women are convinced by their society and their surroundings that having an abortion in a particular situation serves some interest – preserving the social standing of a family, or a university career, or a relationship, for example.  And they do it.  Often with a sense of heartache and difficulty, but they do it.  And then… so very often, their mind, body, heart and soul reacts, protests, grieves.  Something is wrong.  The thing that is wrong is that their own baby was violently killed in the womb.  People might very genuinely have had worthy reasons for believing it was best for that being not to come into the world but… it was in the world, however briefly, and its tiny life could not be ended without a terrible abyss opening up in the heart.  For what is more terrible than the killing of a baby?

It would be better for all concerned if we told the truth.  If we allowed ourselves to see.

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  1. Great website. :) Keep up the great work for life. Babies will be saved because of your work… be assured. God bless you!

    Posted by Ed Vizenor on February 8, 2013 at 4:13 am // Reply to comment


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