Resources and where to go for help

There are many resources on the net on every aspect of abortion. These are just a few that seem to us helpful or of interest.

Background to abortion:

Negative effects of abortion:

Life organisations:

Support/information in pregnancy:

Help after abortion:

Memorial for the Unborn

Help with depression/suicidal feelings:


Deeply Damaged, an explanation of the profound problems arising from aborting babies and abusing children, Philip Ney, Pioneer Publishing, 1997.

Unspeakable Losses, healing from miscarriage, abortion and other pregnancy loss, Kim Kluger-Bell, Harper Collins, 1998.

Forbidden Grief, the unspoken pain of abortion, Theresa Burke, Acorn Books, 2002

The Jericho Plan: breaking down the walls that prevent post-abortion healing, David Reardon, Acorn Books, 1996.

Making Abortion Rare, a healing strategy for a divided nation, David Reardon, Acorn Books, 1996.

Aborted Woman, Silent No More, David Reardon, Elliot Institute, 2002

Redeeming a Father’s Heart: men share powerful stories of abortion loss and recovery, Kevin Burke, AuthorHouse 2007.

Unplanned, the dramatic true story of a former planned parenthood leader’s eye opening journey across the life line, Abby Johnson, Tyndale Momentum, 2007

Impossible Motherhood, Irene Villar, Other Press, 2009

Living in Colour: the goal of post-abortion recovery by Jenny McDirmid, CreateSpace, 2010