When will the abortion stop?
Posted by Catherine

When a woman has an abortion that she subsequently grieves and regrets, she then has to undergo another, symbolic, abortion.  Her grief and pain will, all too often, be dismissed and denied, or trivialised.  Abortion has been characterised by psychiatrist Dr Philip Ney, who has made post-abortion grief his speciality, as the most damaging human experience known to mankind.  And yet this lacerating trauma is treated as a non-event.  Many are on hand to facilitate and further the dehumanisation of the loss – it was nothing, just a blob of tissue – very often for their own ends – they were involved in the abortion decision and do not want to accept any of the guilt or responsibility for that or they are involved in the abortion debate and have a vested interest in diminishing women’s suffering around abortion.

So it takes courage to fight through the mass of resistance to declare that abortion is inhuman in what it is and in what it does.  When will enough women, and men, say it that it finally gets heard and justice is finally done?


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