What do men think/feel about women who are pregnant?
Posted by Tracy

This is my question, I have no answers and would like men to answer honestly.

Does it matter if the pregnant female is related to you?  Your mother, sister, daughter or wife?

If she is young or older?

If she is involved with you sexually?

Do your feelings change?

If you identify yourself as a pro-life man, do you always want to help the women, or the baby and the woman, or the baby?



  1. I am a Pro-Life man who wants to help women and the babies, and my stance does not change regardless of my relationship with the women. There is of course weakness in myself in regards to something being out of sight and out of mind, as this is natural for most humans, but unfortunately is a large part of the reason abortion is so prevalent.

    I have more urgency to address the issue of abortion locally in my city, within the United States, although the problem of abortion is much more widespread in Russia. Really my time might be better spent trying to influence things there, as it may ultimately save more lives. The same goes with seeing a sonogram of a child, it hurts me deeper if I see a sonogram of a child that is to be aborted, than to just hear that one will be aborted.

    I certainly understand the pain of abortion better through women that I have personally known in life, as there is a greater level of immersion into the realities of it.

    Posted by Joel Hardman on February 17, 2013 at 4:40 pm // Reply to comment
  2. I was interested to hear that having seen a sonagram of a baby make the reality of abortion more painful for you Joel.

    Posted by Tracy on February 19, 2013 at 6:42 pm // Reply to comment


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