Wanting and Welcoming
Posted by Tracy

A wise man taught me the difference between wanting something and welcoming a person.

Can we really talk about “wanting” when referring to a baby?

And yet this is how we have come to describe the feelings associated with pregnancy.  We talk of the wanted baby and we talk of the unwanted pregnancy.  We are careful to use the “right” words in order that we will not offend anyone.

However when you take the time to listen to people they will tell you that the unwanted pregnancy become the most loved baby, and the unwanted pregnancy that is lost is grieved over for years and years and never resolved.  Could it be that the whole notion of wanting is lacking something vital.

Should we want babies when they are not things in the way that a car is a thing?  It is difficult to think these thoughts when we have been used to accepting the “wanted baby” as being a good thing, and the “unwanted baby” as a bad thing.

Maybe we have to ask wanted by whom and for what?


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