Unkind Judges inside my head
Posted by Tracy

We are all judges of our fellows and all hope that when we fall someone will stoop down and raise us, even if only a little bit.

It is truey kind to ask about your friend’s abortion. Really people do not want to keep the secret but they fear judgment and so keep “it” all locked inside.  My own story which I can talk about is testament to that needing to keep “it” secret, and at the same time “it” being in the open just long enough to cause me alarm.  The feelings of shame and knowing would rush into my mind; I would immediately push it down again.  After “it” I wanted to have a baby.  When after a few years I became pregnant again I denied having been pregnant before.

I remember the discomfort of knowing I was lying and not being able to tell the truth.  I wonder if doctors are aware this happens.


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  1. Tracey, I think you will find she has been in the lime light for a while. Fighting at Georgetown University for free birth control for over three years and is known as a liberial activist. I also think she was refused to speak in congress because she was not addressng the purpose of the meeting. She is also 30 years old and not 23 as reported by the news. Bottom line she is playing everyone for her own gain. But the point is Russ lowered himself to their level by calling here names as the Liberials have been doing for the last three years to others.

    Posted by mbt sko on March 22, 2013 at 2:45 pm // Reply to comment


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