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Posted by Tracy

People constantly make comparisons between their own situation and that of someone else who probably has a completely different set of circumstances to deal with.

Abortion isolates women one from another because so few are willing to talk about it, and if they are willing they usually want you to agree with their particular take on it.

Personally, I think abortion is domestic abuse.  I see how what happens in a previous generation continues to affect how a child is treated today.  I think that, for me, mixing the solutions up with religion makes the task of getting to the truth convoluted and slippery.  People ask me if I believe in healing with regard to abortion, but what could healing really mean?  In my ideal world, healing would be to not have had the problems I had in the first place, the problems that made abortion compelling.

So healing must mean something else.  It might meanthat despite going through a death experience like no other, I can still function as a human being.  I am aware of my isolation, and yet I can see how others suffer and think about how that suffering can be changed.  I am not able to give large amounts of money to relieve suffering but I can listen to the stories of others.  Whilst continually wondering how my life would have been if I had just given birth to my baby who was lost to abortion.

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  1. Regarding healing, there is something between obliteration of the hurt, and continuous suffering. it is being wounded but healed, in some way better for the experience, if only more humane, humbler, and more able to help others. We will never be the same as if it hadn’t happene.

    Posted by melinda on February 12, 2014 at 2:47 pm // Reply to comment


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