The same reluctance
Posted by Tracy

A teenage girl was recently killed in the UK by a pack of unruly dogs in a house she was visiting.

Apparently the dogs were not “bad breeds”; they were simply triggered to do the unthinkable, and there was no-one around to call the dogs to heel.  And so now this girl’s family must live through grief and recrimination.  How very sad.  This child was precious and many are speaking out about her qualities.  In some terrible way, that will be consoling for her family in the years to come.

There are other children torn apart by medical practice in the name of “choice”.  These children are nameless save for the few whose parents have reclaimed them, naming them and grieving them in the only way possible, painfully, with great tenderness and increasing anger at what happened to them.  In the vast majority of cases, the mother had the abortion under duress.  It is high time the medical profession learned more about coerced abortion, but people also have to stand up and speak about the loss of infant life and wrecked human relationships that abortion leaves in its wake.

Doctors, you need to ask questions of your patients and you need to do follow-ups on those patients.

It is time to reclaim the unthinkable moral high ground and protect the baby, especially when the mother is unable to so so.

Its time to see abortion as a cry for help, as a symptom of deep distress.  Protecting her baby is the best thing you can do for her in her hour of need.



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