The gift of life

When a woman is pregnant, something happens to her body and her mind. The presence of the baby in her transforms her life and this new energy allows her to do things that she could not do before. She smiles and places greater trust in humanity, thereby becoming a profound source of joy and happiness for others. Even when she is not well, there is a real peace in her that can be felt.
Thich Naht Hahn

Letter to a teenager:

You are pregnant. How marvellous! Life comes as a shock of the new. It can cause alarm and panic; you must get used to the idea of a new person in your life, one who is intimately connected with you.

Your body has a new purpose, to bring a baby to life. A sacred task that will tie you to the earth, the trees, the sky and all those around you with bonds of love. As the baby grows, you will see with fresh eyes the beauty all around. You will be able to show the child all the places you have known and enjoyed. You will discover new places together. She or he will help you solve the puzzles of your own childhood, help you heal from the wounds.

Life is calling you on this great adventure. New life will stretch you as you seek to help the child become all it can be, encouraging you with its joyful smile. Each generation enjoys afresh the joys of being a parent.

You may be scared, fearful, alone. Others may not want to know about the child, urging you to get rid of it. You may feel you have no other choice. You have another choice for the gift has already come to you! Getting rid of the child will do deep damage to yourself; you are worth so much more than that! Please find sources of support for you and your baby. As the child grows within you, they will become more and more numerous. The people who are now rejecting you will come to accept the situation or, if they do not, you will find the courage to embrace life by yourself.

This great ship of life is sailing. Will you join it? You will not regret it, whatever the difficulties!

Letter to an older woman

I was once where you are now. I would give anything to have had someone say these things to me while I was still pregnant with my child.

Abortion may seem like the only choice, what you have to do. People may be telling you that it is the best solution or you may be telling it to yourself. You may be terrified of the prospect of having a child in a situation that you had not prepared for. Please believe that there is a power of life now working in you that knows where it is going, what it is doing and that will protect and guide you. Trust in life and it will reward you a thousandfold! That is hard to see right now, when you are in shock and panic, when the future with a child seems so uncertain, not how you had envisaged your life at this point. When abortion, ultimately, seems the reasonable and right solution.

The child within you is in a sense the child you were. That child may not have been held, nurtured, supported and welcomed for the unique and wonderful person she was. You have a chance now to embrace and welcome that child yourself, to treat her well, to give her all the good things she needs and deserves and to enfold her with the love you have within your heart. Do not have the child destroyed, for that will make your own wounded child frozen and locked deep into a place that will be very hard to reach afterwards. Do not cut yourself off from love, light and hope.

There is another way, a bigger way, a deeper way, a way that will bless you and reward you and enrich you in ways you cannot now imagine. You may not believe it, you may not see it; we can only tell you that there are many who have been where you are who would do anything to go back and choose to embrace the precious gift of life. Please seek out support for yourself and your child.