Talking about Jesus
Posted by Catherine

I have a fair number of friends who are Christian.  I appreciate different qualities in them but I would say that they share a reflectiveness, openness of view, sensitivity and a certain loving spirit in the way they approach the world, others and themselves.  They share one other remarkable feature: they almost never talk about Jesus or their faith, at least not to me.

Since creating our website last year and the Facebook page that goes along with it I have encountered many other Christians.  They seem to talk a strange kind of language that I do not understand at all, and do not desist even when I explain that I do not share their faith.  One – whom I am tempted to shame in public but who shall remain nameless – wrote me a message of such vituperative hatred and abuse when I dared say that he lacked compassion in his approach to women who have abortions that I truly felt shaken by something evil in reading it.  He quoted the Bible a tremendous amount and referred often to Jesus.

From these experiences, I feel safe in saying that a true follower of Jesus seems to me to be someone who does not speak or preach but who lets their actions pay testimony to their values and faith.  They can be known by their inner joy and by their compassion.  They will not be the ones talking about aborting women as murderers but who really understand the conflicts and pressures that enable women to accept such an intensely damaging act.  They offer only love and not condemnation.

I am not a Christian, or at least certainly not in the conventional sense, but I know with a certainty I cannot explain that Jesus would be the same.


  1. You have indeed met Christ! Bleesed are those who have shown you his true face.

    Posted by Rose on April 25, 2013 at 4:45 pm // Reply to comment
  2. Excellent!

    Posted by Phyllis A Braniff on May 16, 2013 at 3:36 pm // Reply to comment


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