Strange times we live in
Posted by Tracy

It seems that we reverse everything in our language and relationships to make it ok for abortions to happen.

A long time ago before it was a legal operation it was still carried out in sad little rooms by poor people trying to help other poor people.  What changed?  Something must have happened to make the numbers of abortions rise year on year.  In the UK the amount of legal abortions is 189,000 give of take a few.

Now it is not true that poor women have or desire more abortions than their richer sisters, what may be true is that medically trained people want the salaries they get for doing those abortion.  As there is very little follow up on the women concerned it seems strange that the medical profession are happy to just accept the numbers going up without investigating why and how.

It could be that abortions are so loaded politically that it is a suicidal act to ask questions about it openly.

What can be done to encourage medically qualified people to take the issue of abortion seriously?

Any ideas welcomed.



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