Posted by Tracy

yea…I had one too and I absolutely regret it, its been almost 8 months and I still haven’t forgiven myself. I wanted to keep it, but my “boyfriend at the time” didn’t want it. he had a 2 year old son, and me being me I let him get into my head with all the “I cant have another kid, my family will hate you, and you don’t need a kid right now you need to enjoy life” that he said to me, 4 days after I did it, he started talking to his sons mom again. He left me lonely, lost and depressed..duno how I will get over it. I miss my baby everyday…I will never have an abortion again it was the first and last time, and if I could go back I would, I wouldn’t care if I had to do everything myself I rather be a single mom then not a mom at all…to a baby I once had….
lani Submitted Oct 2008

Source: Remorse Is Forever, Abortion Poem


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