Solitude and abortion
Posted by Catherine

If you want to know what Calvary feels like, get into a situation in which you are coerced into abortion through pressure, ignorance, fear and/or lack of support, and then attempt to tell people about the grief, trauma, anger and regret.  Try to get them to understand the dynamics that lead to abortion.  You will be left alone there on your cross…    Humankind cannot bear very much reality said T.S.Eliot.  Well, never has that been truer than in the abortion context – and society itself, with all the weight of the law, the medical profession and widespread popular opinion, will be there to sanction the denial.  Abortion involves nothing, a non-event, the best thing in the circumstances, the obvious solution.   A developing baby ripped violently from the womb?  How dare you talk about such a thing?  You must be mad, a fanatic, anti-choice or at the very least a pathetic wraith mouthing sad lamentations all alone in her corner.

The abortion never ends, essentially.  Never will the baby be restored to you, never will those guilty for his or her death stand trial.  Only in a woman’s heart will a memorial be erected.   Did you lack the courage to have your baby when the world stood against you both?  You will need much more to grieve the loss after the event.


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  1. A wise person told me that if the mother in such desparate need as to request abortion then that person needs urgent and relevant help as it is a suicidal act. How on earth have the medical profession got mixed up in this? And more to the point how is the medical profession going to call a halt to their cruel practice.

    Posted by Tracy on December 13, 2012 at 6:52 pm // Reply to comment


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