Religion and abortion
Posted by Catherine

We oppose abortion.  We oppose it because of the suffering it causes, the suffering it is caused by and because we really do not have the right to take life – or, at least, deciding whether a baby should live or die is a decision of such enormity that it would take months, if not years or decades, to come to a satisfactory conclusion.  It is not a decision that can be taken in haste, in a panic, under multiple pressures and in a fearful state of ignorance.  Even more so, it is not a decision that can be lived with by those of any sensitivity or conscience – however sound all the crowd of reasons why people felt it better that this life did not come into the world.

And so we say that it is far preferable, once a life has started, for it to be carried to term.  But we do not say this for religious reasons and we wish to keep religion separate from our cause and our arguments.  This is not from any disrespect to religion.  Personally I feel drawn to and moved by spiritual expressions.  But love and wisdom, seeing what is truly good for people, is not contained in credo and beliefs… it is contained, rather, in the human heart – and that is something that transcends sectarian divides.  We do not wish to complicate the issue by allying with this side or that.  We argue for life in the name of all religions and in the name of none.  Life is a miraculous flame and we seek to welcome it, for its own sake.


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