Relaxed Performance
Posted by Tracy

I work in a theatre and today for the first time the theatre was opened especially to entertain the people in our area who have Aspergers or Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The theatre prepared to receive their guests by preparing chill out areas and making sure plenty of staff were available to offer help with any issues.  The Auditorium was well lit throughout the performance and the sound turned down to accommodate the sensitivity of the guests.  Instead of expecting everyone to remain seated during the performance, the visitors were moving around and the staff were alert to the needs of the various people in the audience.  There were some children with Downs Syndrome and other less well known genetic differences.  The carers that came to the show were busy and at the same time enjoyed the show as and when they could.  Certainly, people can be alarming when their strange behaviour is not understood.  For example a young lad of about 20 sat on the pavement and rocked back and forth and appeared to be very distressed, I am not sure if he got to see the show.

Another woman of about 30 spent her time in the auditorium watching the staff rather that the show, she seemed to not understand the purpose of what was happening, however her carer enjoyed the show.   I also witnessed the love that these people offer to those around them, and how different all the people are to one another,  they are after all humans and develop according to inner and outer influences, the same as the rest of us.

These people are of course at far greater risk of losing their lives before they have begun.


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