Posted by Catherine

We have set up our website  We have created a FB page connected to it and a FB page for Cathy May, our two combined names.  We are beginning to collect FB friends and people who like our site.  However… they are all people who believe either that abortion is wrong or that it hurts women, or both.  Are we just preaching to the converted?  How, if it at all, can we open this subject up to people who have not made up their minds on it or who are open to reflection?  Appealing to the pro-choice community is probably hopeless, based on my limited experience of that and the hostile, abusive stance that is immediately taken.  Nothing is going to change by adopting rigid, fixed battlelines over which flaming insults are hurled.  We are women who have had abortions – and who know we were exploited and damaged by them, let alone our unborn children.  But because we have been there we do not judge or condemn others who have… we are in an ideal position to reach beyond the lines in the sand… how do we do so?  If people have ideas or comments about this, they would be gratefully received.


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