One in three
Posted by Catherine

I am currently staying in the UK with May, enjoying the hospitality of her large house and her large heart.  Two other post-abortive friends have been here with us and we have been sharing something of our stories and our lives.  Doing this freely in an atmosphere of mutual support and understanding – despite differences of personality, background, perspectives, faith, etc – has to be a good and helpful thing for women.  Healing, if you will.  We are told that on average one in three of a country’s population of women now has at least one abortion in her lifetime.  Some of this number will be suffering unresolved grief, pain, trauma and anger.  Where do they take it, where do they talk about it?  I encourage you to create little “cells” of informal support groups where you can, so that women do not need to face this profound loss in isolation and silence and create mutual networks of care that enable them to move forward with more freedom and strength.


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