Abortion in Ireland
Posted by Catherine

Irish girls and women who want an abortion currently travel across the Irish channel to the UK to have the operation.  Obviously it would be more convenient for them to be able to have abortions closer to home but… aside from convenience, is the legalisation of abortion in Ireland truly desirable?  It would be shameful, in our view, if the Right to Choose ideology were allowed to hold sway, unexamined and swallowed whole.  Our site www.abortion-alternativeinformationandsupport.org tries to show why the whole notion of choice is so flawed and why so many abortions are not freely chosen at all.  If a woman were truly welcomed and supported in pregnancy by all around her, including her society, would she choose abortion?  Some would – and many would not.  Abortion is the choice to have your soul amputated because you are told your child is too much trouble, unwelcome, a burden… you are shamed and pressured into feeling abortion is the responsible choice. And this sad oppression is veiled with the glorious, banner-waving choice mantras.

At the same time, the Right to Life ideology needs to extend itself into territory it does not usually inhabit.  A truly pro-life society is one in which women are nurtured and valued in pregnancy, not just condemned for having abortions.  Ireland has a proud record in standing up for life and declaring its values, in the face of all  politically correct pressure to give women so-called reproductive freedom.  Pitching ideologies against each other is invidious, in the end; what has meaning is to understand why women say they want abortions and to argue against it, not in a way that pits mother against baby but in a holistic way that sees that what is in the best interest of the one is in the best interests of the other.  And that is to go beyond, in some way, the Right to Choose versus the Right to Life gun slinging.

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  1. Maha,Your problem is anusmisg that garden vegetables, or righties, have working memories, unclouded by their ideology.I grew up in a particularly benighted region of the country, which entire state today has one (1) clinic, staffed by doctors imported from another state on a part-time basis. Back in the 60 s, it had one doctor who was reputed to perform abortions. He was tried repeatedly by various AG’s, but never convicted. His secret? He performed the abortions primarily for girls, and at the behest of their wealthy and prominent families, who would have lost enormously if they admitted his services. Thus, the AG couldn’t get testimony.Had that doctor performed services for poor girls, he’d almost certainly have died in prison.That’s how it works when something is illegal. That just means available only to the rich . This wasn’t a secret at the time, and should be obvious to anyone of minimal intelligence and understanding (righties obviously excepted).

    Posted by Danieli on February 12, 2013 at 2:47 pm // Reply to comment


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