Jamie Bulger’s Dad
Posted by Tracy

Anyone who was an adult in the UK 20 years ago will remember Jamie Bulger, the little boy who went missing on a trip to the butcher’s with his mother.  In the two minutes he was gone – every parent’s nightmare – the toddler was led away by two older boys and killed by them.

It was the twentieth anniversary of this little boy’s death today and his father chose to speak on national radio about his life and how he has managed since, in the first interview he has given.   He wanted to  talk about how bad he feels for not having been there to protect his son from his tormentors.  He asked how there could be justice in the case of a murdered child and he spoke of his fear of these two men that had led his son to early death.  The interviewer was a young reporter at the time of the events and she pointed out that the guilt he felt was misplaced as he had done nothing wrong.  However, Jamie’s dad kept repeating that his feelings were his feelings.

How sad that no-one has managed to bring true peace to Jamie’s father.


I am familiar with the feelings he describes as they have been described to me by men and women who have lost their babies to abortion, over many years.  Could it be that when an untimely and violent death occur, then these complicated emotional reactions also occur?  Who is studying these after effects?


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