Is it selfish?
Posted by Tracy

Long ago I knew a man who told me that I had an abortion because I was not selfish enough.

This was a shocking revelation at the time, as I had bought the usual lie that women who had abortions were selfish and always put their own needs first.

Being unable to get all the facts is not going to help anyone make a wise decision about what to do with their baby.  So many of the facts are clouded in words that avoid the truth of what a pregnancy is and what an abortion is and what a death entails.  However in my case I sort of did know it was a baby, but I failed to realise it was my baby, and that I was the one who was responsible for protecting him or her.  Was this selfish?

It could be argued that the largest providers of abortion in the world are putting their own needs first: the need (or desire) to make money, the need to feel they are doing a service for “poor women”, the need to fit in to society’s desire to cleanse itself of the unfit and undesirable.  Is this selfish?

Perhaps it is safe to say that there is wise selfishness and that anyone who is wisely selfish would not agree to an abortion.






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