Is abortion wrong or right?
Posted by Catherine

What we call the world says that abortion is right.  It has made it legal, easy and, in Europe at least, judgement-free – abortion has been stripped of its moral and ethical content and repackaged as a right and a freedom that no decent, responsible person would oppose.  The human heart says… that it is an unthinkable violation of love, a horror and a profound abuse of the mother, let alone of the life within.

What world do we live in?  What world do we have to depend on for support, practical and emotional?  The human heart is not enough, you see.  A woman can love her baby, want her baby, know her baby as a baby and still… feel she has no choice but abortion.  A woman needs more than her own feeling to give birth in a world that gives no welcome and recommends abortion as the responsible decision.

There’s a whole lot of variety in this.  No story is standard, every story is unique.  Some women don’t seem to care, some die a death themselves when they have an abortion.  Many, so many, are vulnerable young women who are pushed into abortion by parents or partners, feeling abandoned and alone.  Given a chance, they would of course love their baby and care for it, as nature intended.

Is abortion wrong or right?  If it is wrong, who is responsible for that wrong?


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