I saw something today…..
Posted by Tracy

Someone I know posted a message on Facebook about an upsetting incident that she witnessed in the town in England where I live. Outside a local shop she saw a young woman of 16 to 18 years old with a baby in a buggy who looked about 7-8 months. Under the buggy was a tub of formula, a dirty-looking baby’s bottle and an old Coke bottle half full of water. The girl with the baby reached under the buggy, got out the formula and the filthy baby bottle, scooped out an unmeasured amount of formula with her hand, put it in the bottle and then, after drinking some of the water from the Coke bottle, poured the rest on the formula, gave a very quick shake and then forcefully shoved it in the baby’s mouth. She then grabbed the baby’s hands and shouted “f***ing hold the bottle then you lazy little c**t” !”


It is this type of story that leads people to think that abortion is the best option for younger women.  However, this young mum is most probably the victim of neglect and is now doing to her child what was done to her.  Given the care and concern she needs, she too would be a good and concerned mum. There is a long way to go but that is no excuse for not getting started.   With the abortion of so many, solutions are not being found to many of the social problems that arise.  If it were unthinkable to abort a baby, then maybe the care of women and their children could improve.  Instrumental to this becoming a reality is for the men involved to be engaged in the nurture and care of their woman and child.


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