How to stop abortion
Posted by Catherine

How do you stop abortion?  You can fight to make it illegal again – that’s one way, though obviously imperfect as illegal abortions have always occurred (though they are obviously fewer than legal ones) or… you can try to understand it and why it occurs.  If we as a society understood why some, if not all, women will “choose” abortion when it is made an acceptable and easily available option, then… well, then, it would not be acceptable and easily available.  Go figure, as you say…

The number one reason, I would hazard a guess, for abortions is where a woman has not resolved issues with which she has been left after a childhood that contained significant neglect and/or abuse.   These issues have left her highly vulnerable to being abandoned by a lover in a time of need, in an unconscious repetition of her parents’ abandonment, and highly needy of welcome and support when she is pregnant.  A society that condones and encourages abortion of a “difficult” pregnancy is absolutely not going to offer such welcome and support.  It is going to deliver the very powerful message that aborting an “unwanted” child is clearly the most responsible and necessary thing to do in the circumstances.  The woman’s existence has never been validated and affirmed; when her own child’s existence is equally unvalidated and unaffirmed, she will feel she has no choice – the mantra that we hear again and again – other than abortion.

Only when some of these real emotional and psychological truths start being confirmed by those who have lived them and understood by those who facilitate them by proposing and performing abortion will we have any chance at all of preventing abortion.

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  1. Very clear and concise, I hope people read it and take it to heart

    Posted by Tracy on January 21, 2013 at 9:37 pm // Reply to comment


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