How much counselling before abortion?
Posted by Catherine

I have recently had some exchanges with militant pro-choicers (so called, though truly they do not see how compromised choice really is for women around abortion and how abusive the choice between the devil and the deep blue sea).  They state that women in the States are thoroughly counselled before abortion and have ample opportunity to change their mind or to reveal whether they are being coerced in any way.  Is this true?  Why then are there still women talking about coercion, about lack of true choice, facing the lacerating grief alone and largely unsupported?   It would be good to hear women’s experience of what actually happened for them in terms of counselling and care.  In my own, those two things were absurdly, tragically missing.  People asked me whether I wanted an abortion; I said yes.  No further questions asked, no information given.  And I mean none, absolutely none about any possible risks, mental, emotional or other.  How unbelievable that seems to me, decades down the line.  How free was your choice?

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  1. Todd,I reserve the right to skip aronud, but it’ll (nearly always) be 2008 and above. I’ll note the version I’m reading with each summary blog. I fully expect sometimes I’ll jump into R2 and Denali. The joy of this project (like most of my projects) is flexibility within the basic premise. Rule: Read from BOL daily, blog weekly. All else follows as it pleases me, and my gentle readers. Thx![]

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