Healing After Abortion…is a process
Posted by Denise

Background and my Story:  I was raped at the age of 13,  my virginity was stolen.  Regretably, I never told anyone about it, but felt like garbage after.

Had my first boyfriend at 16, and got pregnant…he went into denial about it.  When I told my Mom, she pressured me to have this “operation” and forget about it. I figured that if it was OK with my Mom, the doctor and government, that it must be ok, and had the operation to get unpregnant.

Like many women today I used abortion as a form of birth control, in ignorance of the facts and truth.

At the age of 26, I got pregnant again, this time my boyfriend flew into a fit of rage and demanded I have an abortion, and he never wanted to see me again…I was devastated.  When I asked the doctor what was developed…he told me it was just a “clump of tissue”. He lied!  Years later I learned my babies had a beating heart by 3 weeks, arms, legs, fingers and toes by 8 weeks…and I was about 9 weeks pregnant this time.

I went to a Buffalo, NY abortion clinic, and went thru the most horrific pain. It was not a “safe” procedure either…I got an infection, damaged cervix and badly scarred uterus!  For years I suffered with the guilt, remorse and pain of legal abortion!  I isolated and went into a pit of despair, only to get out and party to numb the pain, get pregnant and with the shame of not even knowing who the father was…aborted the 3 rd child.

Abortion hurt me big time, and killed my children.

At the age of 30 I began to seek GOD and discovered that JESUS Christ died for all of my sins, including abortion.  Once I knew that God forgave me, I began to work on forgiving myself…this is the most difficult thing for us to do.  One night while I was having a bubble bath, Jesus appeared to me, with my 3 aborted children.  He stood behind them with His arms outstretched…and I thought, ‘Wow, you really look like how you look’.

My children were as old as they would have been at that time, 17, 7 and 6 years old, and I just somehow knew thier names…Jennifer the eldest, looked so much like me, but slimmer, Daniel was a handsome dude, and Rebecca, they were all so beautiful, really!!  I began to cry and told each one of them I was so sorry, and asked them to forgive me…each one did.

Then while wiping my tears, they all disappeared.  Since then God has called me to be a voice for them, and to warn women about the pain of legal abortion and to bring humanity to children in the womb.  He has sent me all over the world, and to the United Nations to share my testimony, and save women and children.  I also do post abortion healing and recovery and encourage women to not be silent any more, as Jesus took our guilt and shame on the cross with Him…

Now I know I am forgiven and set free, and pray other women will come to know the healing and forgiveness and the power to overcome addictions in this life.

Thanks for listening.




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  1. I share my pain of abortion, so others will know they are not alone. I share my pain of abortion to bring education and awareness to the forefront on the reality of how legal abortion is harmful to women’s mental, reproductive and spiritual health. I share my pain of abortion so others will choose LIFE for their baby, and know the love and joy that child will bring them…and know that abortion may destroy them. I thank God that there is however, hope and healing through Yeshua (Jesus Christ) our Lord and Saviour. Email: dmountenay@telus.net

    Posted by Denise on October 18, 2016 at 8:50 pm // Reply to comment


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