Fear and courage
Posted by Catherine

As any woman who has been through an ill-advised abortion knows, there is  a whole lot of rubbish talked about the subject.  Some people just seem to have an abortion mindset: they think abortion must be good or right no matter what the circumstances.  Attempts to deconstruct their arguments meet with fury and insult.

The way it all seems to me now, with 20plus years of my life sentence served, is that it essentially comes down to fear versus courage.  A woman faces pregnancy in difficult circumstances: she can seize the opportunity, fly in the face of all the negativity and abandonment that surrounds her, and go on the adventure that life has called her to, the birth of her child and the opening of her heart to love and joy or… she can retreat into fear and supposed safety, supposed good reason, and abort the life within her.  No-one will tell her of the grief and regret, of course, and of the courage that will be needed to face the emptiness of her heart and soul, day after day, after the event.  And no-one will want to know about that.

The courage of life or the courage of death: take your pick.


  1. Honest words indeed

    Posted by Tracy on January 17, 2013 at 1:29 pm // Reply to comment
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