Difficulty is making a decision
Posted by Tracy

I have often wondered why some people can just choose what to do next and others hesitate to make a decision.  In the abortion situation it is very pressured as the timing is everything.  There may be pressures from other people who are related to the baby, not only the father, but the grandparents and siblings too.  All these people come to the situation with their own memories and experiences of life.  Many people have a view about abortions and most people are not wanting to judge others for what they choose.  However it is this very inconsistent approach that makes it almost certain that some of the youngest mothers and fathers will choose abortion for their first infant.  After the abortion they may well put a brave face on it and yet….well their lives can never be the same again, the next baby will never be their first baby. This couple will always see the second child through the prism of the dying first baby.  Maybe the dreams and mental disturbances are to do with this strange life/death relationship they have with the baby that was never born.   Bonding with the next born infant is so critical to health and hope for the family, if bonding does not happen easily then the abortion will probably be repeated in the future.

Why should this be so?




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