Choice and abortion
Posted by Catherine

Choice and abortion, so it seems, go hand in hand.  Right to choose, you-have-to-choose.  Some people, it seems, get fixated on the notion of choice as if not being able to choose what to do about an unplanned pregnancy means that they are helpless, subjugated victims to their biology, to men, or to some faceless church who is ordering their destiny for them.  Saying women are tied to their nurturing instincts and that harming them by interrupting – violently – a pregnancy is politically incorrect and offensive to many.  All of this can be understood at a certain level.  And yet, and yet… it seems to me there is indeed no escape from choice in regard to abortion and that choice is to do with how one views life, how one views concepts like love, tenderness, nurture, how one views what people call god… in other words, does one have a right to make such a choice, to become the lord of life and death?  All I know is that, having been there and returned from the front line, I cannot live with such a thing, with having had the audacity to decide to bring an end to life, even though it broke my own heart to do so.  Some women can and demand that they should be allowed to do so.  We do not seek to get involved in the demand to take that “right” away from women but we do call on women, and men, to understand that abortion is not painless and that they should understand themselves and their consciences very well before embarking on such a path of no return.


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