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Myra’s Story – Abortion Hurts Everyone

Miracle of Life ;   Myra's Story - Abortion Hurts Everyone ...
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Posted by Myra Jean Myers

Healing After Abortion…is a process

Background and my Story:  I was raped at the age of 13,  my virginity was stolen.  Regretably, I never told anyone about it, but felt like garbage after. Had my first boyfriend at 16, and got pregnant...he went into denial about it.  When I told my Mom, she pressured me to have this "operation" and forget about it. I figured that if it was OK with my Mom, the doctor and ...
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Posted by Denise

my daisy true

Greetings fellow hearts and souls.  My story begun when I was about to go to grade 7 .  The previous week I met with my uncle rapist to have a medical procedure done. I did not understand what really happened until years ago.  Since I was 8 years old, I was regularly touched, fondled and raped by 3 men: my adopted family was corrupt, full of lies and deceit. I was told if you ever ...
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Posted by daisy

Sibling Speaks Of Post Abortion Pain

My name is Renee, and I am the oldest of 5. Sadly, I’ve never met the youngest, a little boy (brother number 3) named Joseph Michael. He died by abortion when I was only 10, although I didn’t find out ‘til nearly 11 years later. My poor mom had to keep that secret for so long  I’ve known for just over 6 years, and am really struggling with it. ...
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Posted by susiofanabba

May’s story

Being born after the Second World War meant a life of deprivation, with no father and a mother who suffered from severe depression. I formed no close friendships as a child, partly because my mother moved house frequently in an attempt to ease her discomfort. Failing to thrive at home and because I was hard of hearing, the authorities organized for me to be sent away to a boarding school ...
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Posted by Tracy

Cathy’s Story

Then must you speak Of one that lov'd not wisely but too well Shakespeare, Othello
I would like to be honest in telling my story. But unravelling the strands of it is an exercise that never really seems to end; they begin in different places and are almost inextricably tangled. I hated the idea and the reality of abortion, something that violated my values, my sense of meaning in life, my sense ...
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Posted by Catherine


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