Burning out
Posted by Catherine

I wonder how long one can go on trying to raise consciousness about abortion and speaking out about it before imploding in some way, or burning out and becoming hysterical, unable to go on?

The reason I wonder about this is because of the experience of talking to people in the pro-life movement over the past couple of months.  A serious gap in understanding is displayed by most of them.  They are full of worrying certainties about abortion and rather alarming declarations about women who have abortions.  Some seem to have constant recourse to heavy religious language and imagery that seems very out of touch with reality.   In my limited encounters, they seem seriously unaware of what it is to be a human being living in this human world.  Women who have abortions are immoral and irresponsible.  The issue is, it seems, in their eyes a straightforward one.  Abortion is evil and should be stopped.

All of this makes me feel increasingly weary and rather despairing.  Yes, I’d say abortion is evil.  Yes, I’d say it should be stopped.  But what does that mean, what does that involve?  In my view, it would mean and involve all the complicated network of causes and conditions that lead to abortion being exposed, along with all those who stand behind it and facilitate it.  In terms of the percentage of true responsibility, the woman quite often has the smallest ratio… yet has to bear it all in the perception of others, and very often her own.  We need to start creating a new dynamic, a new way of thinking, speaking and writing about abortion that actually gets close to the cause of the suffering itself.

To be continued….


  1. Just a simple youth pastor brought into this battle on 9/11/01. Yes, this is one hell of of a fight but the rewards are priceless! Prayer is the only way you will endure this battle. I’ve seen many come and go most with good intentions but lacking the power of God to substain. It’s not how fast you run the race it’s having the endurance to finish! Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless! ~ Eddie

    Posted by Eddie on January 30, 2013 at 9:55 pm // Reply to comment
  2. I sure can relate to this. I’ve been thinking that there ought to be a form of Rachel’s Vineyard, or a similar healing ministry, just for wounded and exhausted pro-life activists.

    Posted by Aura Lea on April 9, 2013 at 4:00 am // Reply to comment


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