As easy as a knife through butter
Posted by Catherine

You need – especially if you are a pro-lifer and used to being outraged about abortion – to understand how a termination of a pregnancy happens in a society that offers it on every street corner, as it were.  It happens… about as easily as a knife going through butter.  This does not mean that women are unthinking or uncaring about it, but rather that they simply do not know what it means to be pregnant and to have a child, especially if they have never had one.  Here is what one leading abortion provider in the west states on its slick website:

“Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures

Abortion is one of the safest surgical procedures; it is 10 times safer than childbirth [what does that mean?] and around 200 times safer than an appendictomy

An overwhelming indication from clinical studies is that the legal and voluntary termination rarely causes immediate or lasting psychological consequences in healthy women.”

You have an unplanned pregnancy and you do not know what it is to have an abortion ; people are telling you it is the best and obvious solution, no-one is getting excited about your baby or your motherhood, and you have probably been programmed to please, not to make waves or trouble.  You read something like this and it puts your mind at ease… of course, have the abortion and the problem is resolved, people’s lives are not messed up, including your own,  you can carry on with the trajectory of your  life as it was before.  You might have thoughts, fleeting or more entrenched, of longing to nurture the baby, to see who this person so intimately connected to you is and will be, and you might feel that abortion is wrong, that you cannot do that… but in the face of the overwhelming conflicting pressure between your heart and your head, clearly the head must win out because there is simply no support for the route of the heart.  Such pangs and longings must be silenced and the clear best course for all concerned undertaken – particularly when you are being offered a solution, a way to end the dilemma, to restore the status quo…

And so it happens.  As easy as a knife through butter.  And, you know, there but for the grace of God go you…



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