Abortion grief
Posted by Catherine

One of the biggest disservices to women is telling them that abortion does not involve a human loss and it does not involve a human grief.  When the grief then descends, as it can do years and years down the line (and for some women may never come, we acknowledge), the woman is left overwhelmed and deeply isolated in a society that will make no room for her loss and has few tools to aid it – since recognising that there is grief after abortion means recognising that a human baby had its life ended during the process which means… something very politically incorrect.  Yet women do grieve the loss of their baby to abortion, with longing to see the baby, hold it, nurture it, bring it to life… and, as with all griefs, the end result cannot be the restoration of the person who died.  The letting go can be tremendously complex and difficult.

Who will stop the lie?  Who will tell women that abortion involves the death of their own child?

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  1. great post! there are lots of natural and usstaisned childbirth videos on youtube which is great, but then there are those like the one you linked to. uggh. i recently watched one on there that was titled natural homebirth or something like that and the womyn was laying down in bed surrounded by at least a dozen people who were all yelling at her to PUSH! i felt so sorry for her.i cringe when i see practitioners yanking and twisting at poor baby like that.i also dislike the its a boy! announcement. thats going to be one of my rules when i’m giving birth myself- don’t make a peep about stuff like that!

    Posted by Ari on February 12, 2013 at 8:26 pm // Reply to comment


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