A young dad writes to his dead son
Posted by Tracy

​My Dearest Son,

I was a 14 year old young boy. I was dating my first and only girlfriend I had ever had in my life. We started “dating” when I was 10 years old. About 1 year earlier, around 13 years old, we had become sexually active with each other. We were much too young to be doing this but our hormones and desires just led us down this path. One night while having sex a bad thing happened. I got her pregnant. About 3 months later a tragedy happened, she had an abortion. Clearly, I had a major role in this; I got a young girl pregnant. Unfortunately, I had another major role in this tragedy, I was greatly influential in convincing your mother to abort you (just writing these words my makes my heart cry out). She was very young as well, 15 years old. When we found out she was pregnant we were kind of in shock. We really did not know what to do. In the beginning we tried not to even talk about it very much because we were confused and completely unsure of the future.
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