A Man Concerned For His Health
Posted by Tracy

When a man is unwell he wants care and concern but not fuss.  He may like to hear you say “Maybe you should visit the doctor and talk it over?” but he will probably not want you to make the appointment for him.  If he has the gut-wrenching feeling that his life is threatened, he will possibly become depressed as he sifts through his past and tries to make sense of it as he realises he spent his time with the wrong person, in the wrong job, and that he now has so little time.  He will bargain with God, take up running again, try to eat healthy foods, but time does not wait for men or women.  The moment is always now.

He will be pleased about the children he has, proud of them despite the fact they are not high flyers, he will be sorry he did not give more time to his parents, he will be sorry he did not chase his dreams with every fibre of his being.  He is sorry for the cruel remarks he has made about those who are already suffering.  He would like to turn back the clock and do it all again with the knowledge he now has.

This is not a million miles away from the feelings and thoughts of a women after abortion.  She wishes it did not happen.  Now she must learn the skills to live with the loss.


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