Doctors and abortion
Posted by Tracy

Most of us have great respect for the medical profession simply because, in an hour of need, we turned to them and they helped us.  This good feeling about doctors and nurses is cause of much conflict in the context of abortion.  After the deed is done and time has elapsed, many people regret what happened and/or experience pretty harmful and damaging consequences after the violent ending of their baby’s life.

The inevitable questions then are:  if this was a baby, how could a doctor have done this?  Since it has damaged me so deeply in multiple ways, how could doctors have recommended and carried it out?  If a woman is able to ask her doctor why, he or she is likely to say something along the lines of : “I am a technician and I was merely carrying out your wishes”.  Most conversations get no further than this.  The women is confused as she had believed that the doctor was a doctor and concerned to help, not harm, his or her patients.

The doctor has studied long and hard to get his or degree and to gather knowledge of ways of diminishing human suffering.  And yet when it comes to abortion, very few follow-up studies are carried out on the women who submit to the so-called treatment – though how, when and where was it determined that pregnancy is a medical problem that requires such a drastic and final solution?

What is really, and urgently, needed is for doctors to step up the plate and explain themselves: how is their profession ignoring the now well-document negative sequalae to abortion, let alone the ethical dilemma involved?


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