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Another review of much the same literature by  Professor Patricia Coleman, arrived at a diametrically opposed conclusion. She  believes that women should know the results of her analysis. This is that women  with an abortion history experience an 81% increased risk for mental health  problems. Other psychiatrists have  backed her conclusions  from their  own case load experience.

You do not have to be a social statistician  to understand that all sorts of confounding variables  make for eternal  argument. However it is also the case you do not have to delve far into the  blogisphere to read anguished and traumatic (legal and medically supervised)  abortion accounts, experiences and regrets -sometimes near  unreadable.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists carefully  stated that, ‘the moral and ethical issues relating to abortion’ were not within  its brief.  Perhaps they should have been. Abortion may be an inflammatory  topic; but that’s no reason for brushing the psychological, moral and ethical  issues that surround it under the carpet.

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